ARC Plastic Surgery is committed to providing the best surgical outcome for patients.  No matter how good the care or how careful the surgeon and team, there are some patients who will require revision or have some complications requiring additional surgery.

Complication Care Policy

Complications can arise during, immediately or shortly after surgery.  Examples of problems that may be encountered include infection, bleeding, wound break-down, anaesthetic or other surgical complications.  Your surgeon will have explained the risks associated with surgery to you during your consultation.

In some instances, it may be necessary for the patient to undergo further emergency surgery or outpatient care.

For Self-Funded/Uninsured Patients
ARC Plastic Surgeon’s will not charge a surgeon’s fee for complications within three months from the original surgery date.  The patient will be expected to pay whatever other expenses arise as a result of treatment in hospital or outpatient settings.  If surgery occurs, the patient is responsible for the expense of the facility and anaesthesia.

For Insured Patients
For complications which arise within three months from the original surgery date, all fees, where possible (and depending on the health insurance cover), will be billed to the patient’s health insurer.  The patient will be expected to pay any out of pocket or policy excesses which arise as a result of the treatment in hospital or outpatient settings.

Revisional Surgery Policy

In some instances, patients may require revisional surgery.  This may occur for a number of reasons including: poor scarring, skin relaxation, asymmetry, and implant failure.  In the instance revisional surgery is required the surgeon may reduce their fees to undertake the surgery.  However, other fees, including anaesthetic, hospital and health fund fees for these revisional procedures will usually apply at normal rates, and are the responsibility of the patient.

ARC is committed to caring for our patients.  However, occasionally a patient may choose to have revisional surgery with another surgeon.  In this instance, the financial arrangement with the new surgeon is entirely the patient’s responsibility.

Revisional surgery only applies to the original surgery undertaken by the surgeon, and does not apply to surgeries which require multiple or staged procedures, i.e. with massive weightloss patients or breast reconstruction.

Doc ID: ARC S 005/2  Date: 19/11/2013