“ARC Plastic Surgery” no longer operates, however all surgeons continue to practice.

We want you to feel comfortable with our Plastic Surgeons and staff before you commit to a procedure. For this reason, we consider consultations with you to be essential in developing the best treatment plan possible. As a new patient, you will be assessed thoroughly by your treating practitioner before any surgery or treatment is scheduled.

At least one consultation with your Plastic Surgeon is essential, but two or even more might be necessary to fully prepare, understand your treatment options, and allow you to make the right informed decisions for yourself.

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In the first appointment, we will discuss your objectives and outline the treatment alternatives. We will then work with you to determine the best course of action to meet your particular needs. Fully understanding your options and choices is essential to ensure a good outcome.

In a second consultation, we will discuss any further questions or concerns that you may have, and prepare you fully for your procedure.

We charge for consultations with our Medical Practitioners and Surgeons, as we provide an expert medical assessment, even if you decide not to proceed with treatment.

Post Surgery

Post surgery, you will be reviewed regularly by your Plastic Surgeon, assisted by our office nursing staff. Our consulting room nurses are available to review wounds or change dressings in the office, and they are also happy to answer any post-operative queries or concerns over the phone.

At ARC we consider it essential for you, the patient, to be fully informed at all times. It is in your own interest that you understand and feel comfortable with your decisions about treatment, and that your expectations are realistic. If there is any aspect of your procedure that you do not understand it is important that you let us know.

Patient’s should be aware of ARC’s Complication Care & Revisional Surgery Policy.

Your Responsibility

As a patient, you must inform us of your past medical history, and of any personal issues which are relevant to your decision to consider surgery, or which might affect your surgical outcome.

Surgical results are better for people who take good care of themselves. Your best result is assisted by eating well, exercising, using sun protection and not smoking.

Finally, whilst we will always do our very best to advise you, there are some conditions which cannot be helped by surgery.